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Richard Harvey was born in London, and raised around music, art, photography and food by an eclectic family. First picking up a camera at 14, it's a passion that's followed him his whole life. Originally just shooting for pleasure while playing music professionally, the bug of fashion, beauty and portraiture finally hit home, and the bug's had him ever since.


His work is constantly evolving, though always based on his vision of light and romance. A contemporary view of times past, in a modern world, cinematic film is an influence that is present in everything he sees.


Richard's work has been published internationally, shooting for magazines such as Blink, LE, ZooZoom, Chic Today, Fashion 156, Highlights, Enigma. Concentraiting on fashion, beauty, advertising and music, he also shoots contemporary art nudes, and hopes eventually to turn these into a book. His work has been exhibited in Europe and North America.


Richard's based in London, but can be found dreaming of New York everyday.





(With thanks to Sueli Turner for bio. With love always... RIP)

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